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What is my “Perfection”?

Imperfection – that’s what my sense of perfection is. I say this because I am totally imperfect and I’m okay with that. For so long, I tried to obtain perfection in my life – but just wasn’t able to get there. Finally, I realized there is no such as perfection – especially in people, myself included.

Life is totally unpredictable, you just never know what curve ball may get thrown your way. This definitely leads to things being imperfect, no matter how hard you try to make things otherwise. I’m still in the learning phase of going with the flow in life, it’s not always easy as I do tend to be my own worst critic and to be a perfectionist. But I guess all I can do is to keep trying.

It’s okay to not be perfect, but it’s also okay to strive for your sense of perfection for your life.

So yes, my idea of perfection is simple – be IMPERFECT!



I am a woman who is trying to make the best of life, the only way I know how. My family is very important to me and I like to think that I'm always there for them. My children, ages 31, 24, and 22 are awesome kids. I also have two beautiful baby granddaughters, with them - my life is complete. We have our issues, of course, like anyone else - but we manage to get through them somehow.

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