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hmmmm….devastation….so much can be said about this one word, there is just so much that can go with it. Whether it’s within the world as a whole or within one’s own personal life, almost everyone has – or will – experience something that is devastating.

I have experienced a few things in my life that I think of as “devastation”. In more recent years, the first thing I think of is the house fire in 2009 – we lost everything, the house, the belongings inside, all the mementos and sentimental items – like pictures, Christmas ornaments the kids had made over the years, special blankets, etc, etc, etc. So much was lost then – however, a few photo albums happened to be salvaged. I don’t totally understand why those in particular were not ruined, but I am thankful they weren’t. The only rational explanation I received about it is the fact the albums were completely packed into the bookshelf, making it so no oxygen was able to get into them and therefore, not allowing the flames to get inside them. The only other “things” that we did not lose were the animals – they were all able to escape as well. The cat was found hiding in the cellar, she was given oxygen by the firefighters and although her face was a little singed, she was okay. Aside from being very scared. So thankful all were safe.

We often think that we cannot get through something that has devastated our lives, but you know what? Most of the time we are able to do just that – with time and effort of course. Healing needs to happen and sometimes that will include getting angry (at someone or something), but we need to allow ourselves to feel those emotions. No matter how unpleasant they may be. Events that cause devastation can happen at any given time and to any given person – no matter who they are.

I have a good friend who is dealing with her own devastation right now. She has had two dear people in her life pass away over this past weekend. One due to a terminal illness and one due to smoke inhalation in a house fire. These passings are terribly difficult for her and she’s having a very hard time dealing with all of this, which is totally understandable. These were important people in her life. I wish I could take away her pain, but I’m not able to do that. All I can do, I guess, is just hope her pain eases soon.

“Devastation” can truly be life changing…..

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I am a woman who is trying to make the best of life, the only way I know how. My family is very important to me and I like to think that I'm always there for them. My children, ages 31, 24, and 22 are awesome kids. I also have two beautiful baby granddaughters, with them - my life is complete. We have our issues, of course, like anyone else - but we manage to get through them somehow.

4 thoughts on “Devastation

  1. I can only imagine how devastating the house fire was. It must be one of the toughest experiences for you and your family. Also, I am sorry to hear about your friend’s loss. All passings are devastating; as you said they can be life changing.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, the house fire has been one of THE toughest things we have had to deal with as a family. It has completely changed our lives and not all for the good either. But we are managing somehow….not really sure how except that time has helped us to adjust. My friend is truly suffering right now, I honestly wish I had a magic wand so that I could make the pain go away. 😥


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