Daily Post = One-Word Prompt


Oh, how I dislike the word “Criticize” – it’s such a negative thing.

I do not like being criticized nor do I like criticizing people. Finding fault with people just is not what I want to do. Everyone has faults, that’s just part of life – no one is perfect and that’s the beauty of life. People’s imperfections do not give us the right to criticize – discussing is one thing, but outright criticizing just isn’t acceptable – at least to me it isn’t. 

My mother criticized me my entire life, right up until she died. It was horrible never being able to live up to her standards, which were exceptionally high when it came to me. I never really fully understood her need to do this to me. Maybe it’s because of her that I hate criticizing people; I know there have been times that I’ve caught myself doing it and then I really beat myself up for it. I’m not perfect by any means, but I do try very hard not to do to others what was done to me.

Why do so many people feel the need to criticize, to cut others down, to make fun of, to judge, etc.? Is it because of our own fear of failing? Is it because we don’t understand? Is it because of our own pain that we do this?

Wouldn’t it be better to help others grow by being constructive in their lives, rather than be destructive?




  1. Great attitude. I personally follow a glass half full mantra in life. And yes, just be positive and help others, don’t say anything to put them down. There is always a way to help them constructively. The word criticism is so harsh!

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  2. Thank you – my belief is just because we all have faults and imperfections, it doesn’t give us the right to make others feel like failures. Help others – that’s what I would like to see in this world – more people helping each other. And yes the word criticize is very harsh!!


  3. I think on some level criticism helps us to grow but it can definitely cross a line. We should be lifting each other up and supporting those around us. It is like smiling vs frowning. We all tend towards frowning though it takes less muscles to smile.

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    • Agreed, constructive criticism can be useful, but when that line is crossed it’s anything but helpful. And again, agreed – we should be lifting, helping, teaching, and supporting each other. Smiles just makes peoples day! 🙂


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